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How Do Workers’ Compensation Settlements Work?

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When employees are injured at work, they have the right to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to get paid for their medical treatment and lost wages from time off work. The process of filing this claim and getting a settlement may go smoothly or may result in a variety of complications and disputes. While the actions of the employee after the injury can often determine how this whole process goes, problems may arise when an employer’s insurance company is uncooperative or reluctant to honor the claim.

The Injured Employee’s Choices

After a work-related injury, the employee must seek medical treatment as soon as possible and notify the employer of the injury. It is only then that the workers’ compensation claim can be filed. After filing, the insurance company will either deny the claim or offer some type of payment for the treatment of the injuries and lost wages. The employee can accept or reject this offer, or appeal a denial. If the injury was severe and results in hospitalization or will require a lot of time off work, it’s usually wise for the employee to reject the first offer made by the insurance company. At that point, negotiations begin between the insurance company, the employee, and the employee’s attorney.

Workers’ Compensation Settlement Negotiations

If a work-related injury is severe enough for the treatment to cost more than a few thousand dollars, an employee should hire a workers’ compensation
to help calculate the expenses associated with the injury so that a fair settlement can be negotiated. These expenses can escalate quickly, and often, the employee is truly not aware of everything that may be involved or of the future costs associated with the injury. This is why it’s essential to have a workers’ compensation attorney assist in the calculations and help with the negotiation process.

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