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What Does a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Do?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

It is not unusual for the employer’s insurance company to drag its heels when it comes to honoring a workers’ compensation claim for an injured employee, or even for them to deny it outright. Such insurance companies are often interested in finding any possible way to avoid paying the claim. A workers’ compensation attorney understands the complex laws and regulations that govern these claims and will use this knowledge to defend your rights if you’ve been hurt at work.

Negotiating Your Settlement

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can estimate fairly accurately the amount of benefits that you should receive for a given work-related injury. When your employer’s insurance company offers you a settlement that is too low for your needs, a workers’ compensation attorney can not only negotiate on your behalf for a better settlement but can also ensure that the settlement agreement is written in the correct legal language. Furthermore, an attorney can anticipate the financial needs that you may have in the future as a result of your injury and will make sure that all deadlines regarding the filing of necessary forms and documents are met.

Representing You at Hearings

If there are denials of workers’ compensation claims or disputes between the injured employee’s treating physician and an independent physician hired by the insurance company, a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge may be needed. A worker’s compensation attorney can defend you during these hearings if you were hurt at work, and if your insurance company is being adversarial and trying to avoid paying you the benefits to which you are entitled. This attorney can also take the depositions of witnesses or medical personnel.

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