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Workers’ Comp For Repetitive Stress Injuries

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In Minnesota, repetitive stress injuries are some of the common types of work-related injuries. These injuries are also some of the hardest to identify. The act of being on your feet all day long, or repetitively lifting light objects eventually result in injury to the back, or legs or shoulders. This is even more the case for workers who have performed physical activity for years.

Are You Injured? Many Workers Do Not Realize They Are Injured

It may sound surprising, but many workers do not realize they have suffered a work injury. Many workers do not think of repetitive stress injuries as a compensable workers’ compensation event because there was not a specific accident associated with their injury. It is usually when the worker needs a surgery or visits a doctor who tells them that the work activity caused, aggravated or accelerated their condition that they discover they were injured. Even then, some do not realize it until it is too late.

How Workers’ Compensation Handles Repetitive Stress Claims

Even though an injury to the back, neck, shoulder, knee or other body part may have its origins through years of wear and tear, if the injury occurs or is exacerbated due to on-the-job work, it is compensable under Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits.

If you believe you or someone close to you has suffered a job-related repetitive stress of continuous trauma injury, it is important to note that you may be entitled to significant workers’ compensation benefits.

Time Limits On Workers’ Compensation Claims

Minnesota has fairly tight time limits on pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. You have six years from the time you are injured/realize you are injured to file a claim. You must report your injury within 14 days of realizing you were injured. You may still report your injury within 30 days, but you risk having your claim denied if your employer can show that it was disadvantaged by your late reporting.

You should report your injury as soon as you realize you are injured and pursue a claim right away. Even if you did not report on time, a lawyer at our law office may be able to help you bring the claim.

The Advantage Of Having An Attorney For Repetitive Stress Injuries

That said, reaching out to an attorney who can protect your rights and help you maximize compensation is extremely important.

At Thill and Freeman, PLLC, attorney Mark Freeman has years of experience focusing solely on workers’ compensation law. Regardless of your injury, he and our team will bring our hands-on approach to counsel to help you understand the benefits to which you may be entitled and do everything possible to maximize them.

Along with repetitive stress injuries, we are prepared to help you obtain compensation for occupational diseases developed during the course of work. We encourage you to take action to protect your rights and compensation as soon as possible.

Do Not Wait! You Have A Very Short Window Of Time To Report Your Injury

Employees have a very short window of time to report an injury.

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