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Can my employer fire me over a workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Workers' Comp Benefits, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries |

If you work on a construction site, you know that occupational injuries are common. Workers’ compensation laws exist to protect injured personnel. These claims provide monetary relief for families dealing with medical expenses.

After a job-related injury, you may be hesitant to pursue workers’ compensation out of fear of losing your job. Know that it is okay to take action.

Report the incident to your manager

As soon as you realize that your job contributed to your injuries, notify your boss. The company must complete the First Report of Injury Form per the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Failure to complete this form could result in fines for your employer. It is their responsibility to turn in this information.

Document everything

You must record everything throughout the process. Write down the date and time you first reported the matter to your boss. Take notes during all of your conversations. Keep copies of all medical paperwork, including bills and messages or instructions from your physician.

Know your rights

In Minnesota, it is illegal for a company to fire an employee over a compensation claim. Businesses who do this may face legal action for “retaliation.” By law, the organization cannot discourage you from filing or intimidate you in any way. Such behavior can result in lawsuits against them.

Your employer’s responsibility is to follow the law and care for their employees. It is your right as a laborer to file a claim. Do not hesitate to seek the settlement you deserve.