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Why You Need A Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Minneapolis

The workers’ compensation process is immensely complex and fraught with pitfalls for an unsuspecting applicant/claimant. One wrong move can substantially limit or even compromise benefits/compensation altogether. Simply put, workers’ compensation companies will do whatever they can to limit the amount they pay out to an injured worker.

Meeting With An Independent Medical Examiner (IME)

After you have been injured, you are obligated to meet with an independent medical examiner (IME) of the employer’s choosing. That said, you can also get your own to give a different opinion.

Understanding The Role Of A Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC)

Additionally, if you are off the job for an extended period, a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) will contact you and may attempt to cut you off from benefits depending on the situation. He or she may also offer a job to you if you are unable to do a job equivalent to your previous one. How you address this issue can and will affect benefits. It only gets more nuanced from here, particularly when it is stated that a worker has reached “maximum medical improvement.”

How Much Do You Trust Your Employer’s Insurance Company?

Without your own attorney, you essentially have to trust the insurance company – an entity that is completely opposed to your interests – to guide you, and this is why you need a workers’ comp attorney.

Insurance companies may also try to take a statement from you at any point in the process. If you say the wrong thing and they document it, your benefits may become compromised.

Why Having A Skilled Lawyer Matters

Because of the complicated nature of the process, it is critical to retain the knowledge and skill of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Regardless of your injury, our attorney at Thill & Freeman, PLLC, will work to protect your rights and benefits. We use our network of medical experts and professionals to ensure that the full extent of your injuries is documented and your claims are maximized to cover your medical bills and loss of income.

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