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Shoulder Injuries And Workers’ Compensation

Shoulder injuries sustained as the result of occupational risk or due to an accident on the job can be a severe and painful concern. They can not only affect a workers’ quality of life but also their ability to perform their duties on a temporary or permanent basis.

The shoulder is a complex hinge joint that is highly susceptible to injuries that can require delicate and potentially expensive treatments. However, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation if your shoulder injury was sustained on-the-job.

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Despite the general perception that only construction workers may suffer shoulder injuries, other employees may also be injured due to their professional activities. The list of affected workers includes teachers, office workers, warehouse employees and waiters.

Some common shoulder injuries include dislocation, fracture, and muscle and tendon tears. Symptoms may vary but can include the following:

  • “Frozen” shoulder (an inability to rotate/move a shoulder)
  • General weakness in the shoulder
  • Shoulder pain that manifests when moving the arms or reaching up
  • Reduced range of motion

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